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Not Ein Feste Burg afterall!

The conference was the best one I've been to in Scotland, and vasty different from my experience back in 2010 when it was not an easy place to be.

The title was irrelevent - none of the speakers were using it - and actually the overall sense was one of gentleness and relaxation.  Some of the hymnody was not the greatest, but that's alwasy an easy hit.  I had an easy get out of singing one, the lyrics of which included the phrase 'I am a sinful man' - erm, nope.

The Psalm 27 studies were fine, nothing to set the heather alight and some seriously iffy exegesis in places, but over all, good stuff that was uncontentious.  The two seminars I attended - on 'sabbath' and on 'prayer' likewise were good stuff but nothing new.  That is totally fine, sometimes it's good to be reminded of familiar stuff, and it was certainly all very positive and encouraging.

It was good to catch up with people I know and cherish, and also to see people I've interviewed at the Board of Ministry (who seem to have no problem remembring me - is that a good thing?!)

I'm glad I went, and for the first time in eight years have returned home feeling the sense of wellbeing that had previously known at such events.  Patience and waiting were among the virtues alluded to by the various speakers... it's good to see that patiently sticking at it and waiting in the hope of a more affirming experience has finally come good.  Perhpas that is something to keep in mind in other areas too.

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