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An Awesome Ecumenical Sunday

Today has been simply awesome.

In the morning we had our first 'summer pattern' service and looked at the story of Mary Slessor, the Hebrew midwives Shiffrah and Puah, and in passing mentioned Saffiyah Kahn and Jo Cox.  Feisty, earthy women, who challenged the status quo in non-violent and/or subversive ways.

Then it was a very quick trip to the retirement lunch of one of my Church of Scotland colleagues.  I was only able to speak to her very fleetingly, but it was lovely to be there (and to realise that I am now one of the 'oldest' in temrs of service on this patch!)

And then the climax of the day, a wonderful marriage ceremony at St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, where I had been invited to deliver the address, and to be 'deacon' at the Communion.  The choral music was wonderful, the setting splendid, and the atmosphere joyful.

A truly ecumenical day, and I am glad. Nothing 'lowest commmon denominator' here, rather each tradition was proudly itself, and each service authentic in its own way.

I am tired now, and content.  Emptied yet fulfilled.  It has been a good day, a very good day, and I have been blessed by it.

photo (c) K Fisher used with permission.

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