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Ordinary Heroes - Mari Jones

It was tempting to use some online translation tool to convert this post into Welsh - except I know that would result in very dodgy Welsh!

Today we're thinking about Mari Jones - Mary Jones to most of us - a Welsh girl who has a place in the story of the Bible Societies, and who spent most of her life in obscurity, never starying more than a few miles from her birth place.  it is that ordinariness that makes her special.

Prototype love spoon.. messed up the dots but never mind!

Love spoons have an interesting history... Way back when, each person had their own carved wooden spoon to sup their food.  Young men who wished to court young women would carve spoons with coded (not very if they could be understood!) symbols and would pass them over at chapel.  Later, they became a popular token for weddings.  My protoype has a mix of old Welsh and made up symbols, but the meaning is fairly self evident!

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