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Like Topsy, it just growed...

Today I have a wonderfully accommodating electrician working really hard to install a new isolator ready for the arrival of my new induction hob next week.

In theory, it was a straight forward job - cut a hole, route through a heavy duty cable, add an isolator.  But, like Topsy, these things just grow and become more complex.

'Interesting' design features of the flat mean that he has had to create a new pathway for the cabling between the ceiling and the structure above it... but the gap is tiny and here and there are strange obstacles to be overcome.

He has remained good humoured and really is working his socks off to get it done, even going so far as to recommend someone to make good the plaster work where he's had to cut through.  So far, I am very impressed... and looking forward to my kitchen once it's all complete.

Note to self, though, nothing is ever as simple or straight forward as it seems!

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