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I've washed my kitchen floor four times in the last five days - and my estimate is twice more in the next two...  Having taken out the plinth fronts to gain access to the appliances that are to be change (well, more accurately, someone took them out for me) I have swept out dust and rubbish that has clearly been there since the place was built... including fag ends!  So, catharsis as literal cleansing is taking place, which is definitely no bad thing.

Last night the teddy bears finally left the building on the last leg of their journey to support a charity, and although there was the teeniest sadness in letting them go, it also feels good that they will do what teddies are meant to do, be played with, be loved, get worn out.  Catharsis as letting go, which is definitely a good thing.

Over the weekend, one of my dinner guests asked if I felt "lighter" for having shifted so much stuff - and it was such a good word, "oh golly, yes!" was my reply.  I still have lots of stuff, I haven't suddenly become minimalist, and I will need to be careful not to slip back into old ways of accumulating clutter, but it does feel good.  Catharsis as liberation, lightening, life-giving.

Massive thanks to J, M and N for practical help, and to many others for non-threatening, non-judgemental encouragement along the way.

Looking forward to my new kitchen appliances being fitted and to entertaining loads more folk in the future.

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