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Angel Advent - Day 7

Today's image comes from a website called Catholic Exchange.  The image is not attributed, so far as I could tell, but it was accompanied by a warm story of an English (British?) woman who sees angels.

The rich colours of the painting, along with the gaze of the angels is intriguing and beautiful.  I find myself drawn with their gaze seekig it's object - which I assume must be God or Christ, whilst wondering how they are depicted.

I think I saw an angel yesterday... not a golden winged creature, but someone who brought a message of hope and joy to another human.  He was no more than 5'4" tall (my height), clad in a military blazer, sharp hair cut, clean shaven, shiny shoes, and holding a charity bucket.  I was witness to a conversation he had with a friend of mine, who knows him through their work.  His humour, his bright eyes and easy smile, his very earthiness shone with love and life.

Why do I think he was an angel, when he was very clearly human? It's about timing, and  placing, and catching a moment in a way that could not be contrived or predicted.  Unlike the woman mentioned on the website, I don't 'see angels', if by angels we mean winged, supernatural creatures.  But, if we allow for coincidence (in it's true meaning of arising at the same time) of people and places, conversations that have a sense of 'aha' or 'hmm' then yes, I most certainly do.

Yesterday I met Angel Robert, and I'm glad I did.


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