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Advent Angels - Day 22

Gingerbread angels!  It's a few years now since we did a 'Gingerbread Nativity' on Christmas Eve at church.  Indeed, until I was looking for something else on my external hard drive (which turned out to be on my new laptop afterall) I had forgotten all about these pictures.

It's surprising how rapidly the years pass.  Equally surprising, and for me intriguing, what we do and don't remember.  No doubt some people remember very cleary, and fondly the Gingerbread Nativity (I recall it as somewhat chaotic with rather excited children, and frazzled adults, even if I had a lot of fun).

What matters is not that we recall the details, not even that we remember the event, but that it happened, and we experienced it, and, in some small way, it impacted us.

I'm sure the angels (vanilla, gingerbread and chocolate) tasted good.  And I'm sure the day was fun for the small people who took part in it.

Finding the photo reminds me of the value of 'present moment' as well as the limits of memory.  I hope that this year, too, our children and YP have had fun with the activities we've shared, from peg doll angels, to gingerbread men and more. If all they remember in years to come is that it was a time of fun and love, and stories of good news for all, then we'll have done ok.

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