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Good Question...

I saw this question posted by 'Unvirutous Abbey' on Facebook (it's probably on Twitter as well) and it's a really good one.  The responses to it were interesting, mostly very gracious, some very funny, and a lot quite thoughtful.  We won't mention those that were paragraphs.

Among those I liked were along the lines of...

  • That bit about loving your neighbour, I meant it.
  • This book is full of truth, even if not everything is factual.
  • I gave you a brain, use it.
  • No animals were harmed in the writing of this story (!)
  • If you read it all, and think you understood it, you didn't, start again.
  • If you use anything in this book against others, you read it wrong

So, what would you add? Sensible or silly?


  • OK, you've read it. Now try living it, especially the part about loving God, neighbour and yes, even your enemy.

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