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  • On being the answer to our prayers...

    I always struggle with praying for myself or for 'my' church, it seems selfish and not quite 'right' somehow.  At the same time, when I pray for others, I always feel that in so-doing I accept the repsonsibility to act, to 'be' part of the answer rather than expecting God to magically (miraculously) fix things.

    Today, I again cleared the snow from the steps and paths font and back of my 'close' and then gritted them.  The snow seems to be thawing, so my hope is that getting rid of it, and hopefully the paths drying out before sun down, we will avoid icy surfaces.  And at least I've done a little bit to help myself get out to church on Sunday, and others get out wherever they need/wish to go.

    Clear roads, operating buses/trains and an open church for Sunday, please God... and I'll keep doing my little bit to help!

  • Another 'Snow Day'

    It snowed again - you wouldn't know I had cleared the paths yesterday, and no-one has done them yet today!

    The sun is shining, and we have had no snow for a few hours now... maybe it will stay that way (no cars, buses or trains moving though).

    I sent out a round robin message to church folk this morning just to check everyone was OK, and I have had some lovely replies, including people who offered to run errands for anyone who might need it, and the above photo from E who said 'me buried in the snow'.  E has a truly amazing sense of humour and is inspiring just by being who he is.

    At the moment we are still hoping to go ahead with our baptism service on Sunday - if your theology allows for selfish prayers, maybe you could ask that the roads would be open and trains/buses running by then...