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God of Surprises

One knock-on effect of last week's snow, is that the post in Glasgow is still all over the place - I am confident that we've only had two deliveries this week, in each of which I received items that had reached people elsewhere several days ago.  This isn't a criticism, it's just a reality, and one that had unexpectedly pleasant consequences.

Today my new, purple 'This what a preacher looks like' tee-shirt arrived from the US.  Celebrating 25 years of the Network of Baptist Women in Ministry, the purple teeshirt is an opportunity to support financially that organisation, and to stand in solidarity with sisters across the pond.  It is a sad, and crazy, reality that there are less ordained Baptist women in the entire US than in the UK.

Also arriving was a mysterious yellow envelope, which I opened to reveal the post card above - a lovely surprise and somehow timely that it arrived with the tee-shirt.  It comes from a friend, and member of one of the informal Baptist women's networks of which I am part.  I'll accept the compliment, R, thank you so much.

God never ceases to surprise inspite, despite or to spite (as my Dad would say) circumstances.  "This is what a preacher looks like - fabulous woman you. " Thank you, God for words of encouragement to save for a 'rainy day'


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