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Martin Luther King Jr - Fifty years On

My vicar-school was called Luther King House, named in honour of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

I discovered this week that a hymn was written for the occasion when 'The Partnership for Theolgoical Education, Manchester' (PTEM) formally brought together Baptists, Congegationalists, Methodists, United Reformed Church and Unitarians. The story of PTEM is one of joy and sorrow, challenge and change; the values of this hymn continue to inspire all that is attempted...

‘I have a dream’, a man once said,
‘where all is perfect peace:
Where men and women, black and white,
Stand hand in hand and all unite
In freedom and in love.’

But in this world of bitter strife
The dream can often fade:
Reality seems dark as night,
We catch but glimpses of the light
Christ sheds on humankind.

Fierce persecution, war and hate
are raging everywhere:
through struggles and through sacrifice
God's people pay the costly price
of standing for the right.

So dream your dreams, and sing your songs,
But never be content;
For thoughts and words don’t ease the pain:
Unless there’s action, all is vain
Faith proves itself in deeds.

Lord, grant us vision, make us strong,
and help us do your will;
nor let us rest until we see
your love throughout humanity
uniting us in peace

Pam Pettitt (c) P Pettitt


PS the best tune to sing it is 'Repton' (Dear Lord and Father of mankind/us all')


  • This is a great hymn! God bless!

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