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I hereby declare the sertraline 'weaning off' done!

I am the world's greatest rule follower.  I did three weeks of alternate days of sertraline, endured the nausea, nightmares and flushes and all was well.  I've now done nearly two weeks of every third day, and it's getting silly... I am fine when I don't take, it, cheerful, calm, energised, irritated only by things that are irritating... and then when I take it I feel nauseous for 24 hours, sweat like the proverbial porkine creature and don't sleep well... This, to me, says it's time to stop as I'm  now getting adverse effects by continuing the slow wean off.

Hopefully the Evil Monster Me will not return - but, unless she does, that's me done with the sertraline.


  • Well done - onwards and upwards.

  • Thank you!

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