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No running or jumping...

Sasha has just got home from the vet hospital following exploratory surgery which involved lots of biospies and sampling.  She is decidedly fed up at the moment, mostly because she has a cone on her head that makes life difficult.

The care instructions say that she needs to be kept from running and jumping for two weeks... hmm, we'll see how that one goes. 

At the moment she is hiding under one of the settees, which is one of her favourite places to be, and has refused all but the tiniest portion of food, perhaps because the cone makes it very difficult to eat.

Hopefully she'll soon feel more like herself and start to gobble up some food.  In the meantime I am feeling very mean to have put her through this ordeal, and really hope that it shows something that can be recitfied without more trauma.

Sorry, Sasha, sometimes it's hard being a human entrusted with the care of a kitty-cat.

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