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Summer Series 2018 - Questions to Ponder - Week 2 - No "I' in Team

Sunday's services may have seen a rapid re-write of the sermon in the light of national and international news, but I retained the set of 'questions to ponder' about Joseph, so here they are, with apologies for formatting glitches in the upload...

Questions to Ponder


  1. The story of Joseph and his siblings may prompt questions about ‘nature and nurture’.
    1. From what we know of his story, what factors do you think shaped the young/adolescent Joseph?
    2. How did his early experiences in Egypt affect him?
    3. Once he came to power, had he matured? If so how?
  1. Thinking about your own experience, how did you change as you moved from adolescence into adulthood, or, if appropriate, from young adulthood into middle age, etc.? What stayed the same? What enabled you to flourish?
  1. The story of Joseph’s family is full of terrible stories of dishonesty, selfishness, abuse of power, abusive sexual encounters and more. How do you feel about that? How does it compare with the ‘Sunday School’ version of the story? What additional insights might be gained from the taking the story as a whole?
  1. Redemption and reconciliation are found at the very end of this story. Are there areas of our own lives where these are needed? What will we do about it?
  1. Thinking about our own church, reluctance  is a greater factor than arrogance or boasting. How to we recognise people’s gifts and encourage them to exercise them, both allowing them to make mistakes and enabling them to flourish and mature?


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