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Restore Factory Settings

I have a smartphone for personal use (and a prehistoric PAYG for church use).

Recently the smartphone has been telling me it's short of memory.  So I've deleted or moved Apps, cleared 'recent' files and anything else I could think of, all to no avail: each day it was more choc-a-bloc than the day before.

So this evening I gave in a did a 'reset' - which took the greater part of a couple of hours by the time I had re-established everything I wanted... but now I have oodles of memory and all the same Apps installed.

Makes me wonder just what hidden rubbish there was.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a 'restore factory settings' option on humans!  Clear out the rubbish, put things back tidily and off we go again.  Instead the work of decluttering our lives, minds and souls continues.  Holidays and retreats, journalling and superivsion all help in various ways, as do simple disciplines... but unlike my phone where I've somehow freed up half of its internal memory, I only ever manage to free up enough for the day ahead... but I guess that kind of fits with teaching of Jesus that each day had enough worries of its own.

After the refreshing rain, it's a glorious evening in Glasgow.  After the reset my phone is working much better.  And after a little space for reflection, my soul is lighter and brighter also. And that, I realise, is good enough.

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