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Step by step, on and on...

Way back (as in over 20 years ago) there was a kiddies' worship song that said, 'step by step, on and on, we will walk with Jesus 'til the journey's done...' which stuck in my mind (obviously) and which carries a message I found, and continue to find, helpful.

As yesterday approached, I wasn't sure how it would feel or how it would be, I just knew that if I had too much time to dwell it would unhelpful.

Yesterday's weather in Glasgow probably expressed my feelings well - a range of short, sharp showers and some glorious sunshine.

Spending an evening with friends around my dinner table was a great distraction and very healing.  There were some full on belly laughs at stories people shared; there were deep matters explored with a lighness of touch and of spirit; there was much food consumed; the kitties were absolutely amazing in their chilled out, friendly engagement with so many humans.

The first-first has been negotiated; none will ever be as significant.  The journey forward continues, step by step, on and on... 'Don't worry about tomorrow, Jesus knows the way ahead,' not, I suggest, in a pre-planned, pre-ordained way, but because he has lived as we live, and walked the same walk of love and laughter and loss.

Today I really must create something to deliver on Sunday... it's a tricky passage and whatever I say could easily be misunderstood or misinterpretted so much care and much wisdom is needed. over to you, then HSp.

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