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Undivided - a SmallVOICE Podcast

There's only one podcast I listen to regularly.  I've occasionally tried others but not really found anything that 'does it' for me.   Maybe I need to listen to more talk radio or audiobooks to get me into the right 'groove'.  Who knows.


The August SmallVOICE podcast is available now - click HERE for the link.  It is a 'mini' version focusing on one item, a review of Vicky Beeching's autobiography 'Undivided'.  The review is handled with the trademark honesty, integrity, generosity and nuance of the SmallVOICE Team and is well worth a listen.  Some weeks back I shared some of my own thoughts on the book and its reception here and here

I know that as a minister, and as a person, I sometimes disappoint and let down those I know who are LGTBQI+. I admit that both fear and concern for my own long-term security (I like having a job, a pension scheme and the hope of retirement housing) are effective means of keeping me quiet, perhaps beyond my commitment to accept the disicpline of the Baptist Unions that accredit me (and are gate-keepers for the above).

At the moment I am in a very self-reflective phase of life.  My over-devleoped sense of responsibilty,  and my ability to self-flagelate really don't help much.  That said, I have always been of the view that if you get it wrong you admit it and say sorry.  To anyone reading this who believes I have failed you or let you down because of your sexuality, I am sorry.  I can't promise that I'll ever be all you would hope for, but I hope that my commitment to learn and grow is worth something. 

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