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A Good Morning marking our New Beginnings

The best bits about church this morning...

People Stuff:
* Three young adults leading communion, reflecting the diversity of our church... gay and straight, white and non-white, female and male
* Commissioning lots of people who serve our church week by week
* Visitors from overseas and nearby

Practical stuff:
* Needed more chairs
* Ran out of communion glasses

Holy and Spiritual stuff:
* The sense of community
* The wonderful music and choir-led moments
* The sense of affirmation and commitment expressed
* The sense of being in the presence of a God who welcomes everyone

♫ ♫ Take, oh Take me as I am,
Summon our what I shall be
Set your seal upon my heart
And live in me... ♫ ♫


I love 'my' church, and am very privileged to be part of it.  Celebrating, affirming and encouraging the diversity that makes us who we are is challenging and sometimes frustrating... but the joys always outweigh the struggles, and I delight in daring to think that God delights in us.

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