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Growing in depth...

This afternoon I will join others to facilitate our Drop In group.  Since the start of September, numbers have been quite low, and a few folk who travel in long distances have, wisely, realised that it'stime for them to stop coming.  We are carefully thinking through what the implications are, whilst carrying on meeting week by week.

This week I'm on the 'epilogue', which has gently been transformed since A, M and I took over responsiblity.  What I have planned for today is an exploration of differences between the gospels, using one of the few stories shared by all four - the feeding of the multitude.  Whether that's what will end up happening, I know not, but it matters less, because what we are experiencing is growth of a different sort...

The last couple of weeks, attendances have been very small, more facilitators than participants.  However, we have had some amazing conversations that would never have arisen even a few months ago.  Last week we shared our conversion/faith stories and I was blown away by the story told by one of the participants, something he would never have shared in a bigger group.

As winter draws on, we may need to make some tough decisions - but in the meantime, God is blessing us with deeper, more open, honest and meaningful conversations.  This, too, is growth.

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