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Trans/From and Other Poems

This year the Baptist Assembly in Scotland again had a 'poet in residence'.  I really enjoyed the poetry from Fiona Stewart of Foolproof Creative Arts, which can be read or downloaded here. Last night she read one called 'Trans/form' (see page 10-11 of the PDF document) which , given the context was hugely risk-taking and prophetic - probably the most 'fearless' thing of the whole event.

In a context where our LGBQTI+ friends are all too often expected to hide away, to deny or to change, this poem cleverly uses the words transform and transition to describe the changes needed in all of us if we are to discover our true humanity.  At the same time, it speaks prophetically into the context of the Church, where transformation is, all too often, expected to be all one way.

I hope you enjoy the poem (and the others) and that it speaks to you in some way, too.

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