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This morning I was attempting to tidy up my office - I didn't get very far, but at least the cupboard in which all the pens, pencils, scissors, glue and miscellaneous bits 'n' bobs go has been sorted out, and I can see the wood of my desk.

Just as I thought I'd finished, I spotted one of the numerous picture cards that had escaped the 'pile'.  I paused to see which it was before stowing it.  It made me think. A lot.

A transformed heart, I sort of understand that, it's what conversion (event and process) is about, becoming more Christ-like and more who I am called to be.

An undefended heart, I understand that too, but it's harder to pray ... give me heart that can be broken, a heart that can be torn... a heart that also receive love, hope and joy... a heart that can be repaired and renewed.

Perhaps, on reflection, it's not such a hard prayer, just, like all true prayers, a slightly risky one, accepting that God may answer in ways we would not choose or expect...

A transformed and undefended heart - open, vulnerable, hopeful, loving... I'll do my best!



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