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That Thing Termed "Ministry"

Among other things today...

I prayed the rosary with an elderly Italian Catholic... 50 Hail Marys... no wonder I'm a prod!

I signed documents so someone can get the ID they need to fly with Ryan Air

I wrote a letter that will hopefully enable someone to get a visa to attend a family wedding

I collated data for review of a technical specification

I listened to a taxi driver tell me about the loss of his mother

I did almost nothing on my planned 'to do' list but several things on the revised list

I experienced grace in a very unexpected place

Oh, and backs of my calves are now well scratched by Sasha who has been telling me to stop work for the last hour!!

All this is ministry that cannot be taught but is totally authentic. So maybe I'll end with a trio of "Glory Bes" and an Our Father after all! (Who knew that RC placmeent I opted for in 2000-2001 would be so useful all these years later!!)

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