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Unexpected Blessing

I was so tempted to postpone today's Bible Study - most of our Iranians were unable to come and I was tired.  But I didn't, it would have been unfair on those who had committed time and effort to prepare material.

And in the end we had an amazing conversation about British Christian funeral rites and how they compare with those of Iranian Muslims.

Such a privilege and pleasure to talk about what we do, how it varies, and where some of our customs originate.

I'm still tired, but it is a nicer kind of tired!


  • Image that sticks in my mind was the deeply tender one of how after a certain number of days during which the bereaved have to wear dark sombre clothing, close friends arrive and change the dark clothes into bright ones, signifying I presume it was permissible to laugh and celebrate life again.
    Plus, if you were very tired it looks good on you. Several comments were made on how relaxed and happy you looked.
    And the kitty lesson on how to sook your paw extracting every drop of milk was an enjoyably instructive sidebar.

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