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What would you do?

Andy had gone to work as usual that morning.  It was a nice day, the sun shone and life felt good.  Business was going well, sales were steady and the income more than enough for what he needed.  But he couldn't help thinking about what he'd heard over the weekend.  As usual, he'd been to worship, and as usual one of the local preachers had preached a sermon.  It had been inspiring, interesting, relevant - all the things he longed for a sermon to be.  Justice for those who are poor. Equal value for all humans, irrespective of age, gender or race. Healing for those who are sick... it all sounded wonderful, and how he hoped it was true.

Sensing someone was looking at him, he lifted his eyes and saw a man standing near to him.  In response to his quizzical expression the man said, 'drop everything and come with me.'

The rest is, of course, history. Venerated by some, chosen as an icon by Scots, Greeks, Russians and, indeed, many more, St Andrew as we know him left his nets, his boat, his business, his family, his hopes, his security and set off in the footsteps of Joshua ben David, also known as Jesus of Nazareth.

What would you do?

What would I do?

And what difference might that decision make?

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