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Shine on, Epiphany Star...

It's now just over two months since Epiphany, and yesterday, opening a drawer, a happened across the star on which I wrote my three promise to myself.

"I promise to take my days off - or lieus days" - I knew this would be a demanding one, and it is.  Life doesn't work that way, and I have fallen way short already.  This is purely MY responsibility, no-one else's, no-one has coerced me or asked me to work on Mondays, its just that sometimes the right thing to do isn't the legalsitic one, and sometimes, like buses, things arrive all at once.

"I promise not to apologise for being me" - I'm doing better on that one, I think.  It's hard to undo fifty-plus years of apologising for existing. I still over analyse and over-reflect, but I am learning to stop myself and step away from the negativity.

"I will shine by sharing my joy" - Tricky to measure!  I try to focus on positives anf to smile more often.  And having been taught the 'Peter Pan' self-motiviation exercise last week, am hoping to get better yet.

So, two out of three going OK, one needing work - I reckon that's a good start, and that awareness wil help me do better yet. 

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