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At Home in Lent - Day 11

Today's focus is 'best clothes' and one of the wedding banquet parables (the ne where someone is thrown out for not being properly attired)

Although he doesn't cite the saying, 'fine feathers make fine birds,' the author hints at it, suggesting that if we 'look good we feel better' and assuming, in my opinion, that we all like to dress up.  I don't!  I would happily slob around in jeans and a sweatshirt all the time, but life doesn't permit that.  On the other hand, unlike quite a lot of Baptist ministers, I will 'collar up' for weddings, funerals, hospital visits and other occasions when being 'official' and symbolically 'being church' is important.  For all I dislike dressing up, I endeavour to be reasonably smart on a Sunday, and on high days and holy days will choose my outfits to reflect the mood/season.

The author's reflection on the person who is turfed out of the wedding feast in the parable is that this is about a refusal to wear wedding cloths, a refusal to recongise the occasion and to show that outwardly.  He's not talking here about what we wear, but how we behave... faith without deads is not faith at all.  I could put on my dog collar and still behave appallingly, I could slob aorund in my jeans and behave impeccably... we have to be wary of taking too literally the clothing aspect of this story.

If the Kingdom of Heaven is like a wedding feast, how do we imagine that?  What will we wear? How will we behave?

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