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At Home in Lent - Day 25

In my opinion, today's 'object' and connection are especially tenuous.... electricity (more a phenomenon than an object, I'd argue) and Peter walking on water.  The link is about faith - faith that the electricty that flows round our homes will do its job and not kill us, faith that would allow Peter to step out onto the water and not sink.  Not a convincing link in my opinion.

Perhaps I am being unfair. The author's intended reader will not have an engineering degree, will not even have an 'O level/GCSE/O-grade/Standard 5 physics/science understanding of electricity.  He assumes, it seems to me, someone who plugs in, switches on and the magic happens.  We know that electricity and water don't mix (or actually, do mix rather spectacularly!) but no more than that.

However, faith is not just a shorthand for 'I don't understand but it seems to work', and lack of faith is not a failure to believe hard enough. When I did the fire walk a few weeks ago, part of the training session focussed on the 'science' (albeit in simplified form) but understanding wasn't enough to make the walk possible. Faith includes trust. I had to trust the woman doing the training, and the people there to ensure our safety, otherwise I would not have been able to take that first step.

If it had been me, and it wasn't, I might have tried to find a way to use electricity as a metaphor for the Holy Spirit, untameable but orderly, enlivening and empowering ordinary people for extraordinary service.


Pace Gordon Giles, you made me think, but not as you hoped!

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