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Holy Saturday

That strange day when heaven seems silent, and no-one quite knows what to do with it.

That strange day when many, maybe most, ministers/preachers are frantically doing last minute preparations for Easter services.

That strange day which, actually, is probably the most normal and natural part of the Easter season.  Its very normality and uneventfulness makes it real. The not knowing what to do with it echoes the experience of anyone who has lost a loved one and is waiting for a funeral. The silence from heaven is just how it is most of the time.

Today I have bought flowers and last minute gifts, have finally written the service and treated myself to an upmarket delivery meal (who knew you could get delicious bruschetta delivered to your door?!).

For the first time in what feels like eons, I have an evening when I don't have lots still to do.  There is enjoyable quizzing to be watched on television. The kitties are relaxing and so am I.

However Easter Saturday is/has been for you, I hope the very normality of it is, in some way, comforting.

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