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On this day in history...

Ten years ago today I preached for the first time at the church that would become known on this blog as 'The Gathering Place' - it was the Sunday after Low Sunday, and we were just beginning the careful process of discerning whether there might be a 'match' to be made.

I still remember the look of incredulity on the face of the door steward when I said I'd come up from Leicestershire ('lester-sheer')... "'lester-shyre' that's an awffy long way" she said

I also still remember the sense of home-coming, the amusement that having spent several years in HBC (Dibley) I might now be about to spend some in HBC (Weegie).

I remember standing at the corner of Torness Street (near the now closed Western Infirmary) and smiling at the irony of a street sharing a name with the power station I'd worked for/on (at as distance) for more than a decade before trainign for ministry.

This autumn it will be 20 years since I went to Northern Baptist College to start training and 10 since I moved to Glasgow. I find that double anniversary thingy quite significant - more so than perhaps I'd realised until now.

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