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Twelve Months Later...

... it's another glorious morning in Glasgow!

Social media platforms like to remind me what I was posting a year ago, two years ago, anything up to seven years ago when I started using them!

Today I was told that it was exactly a year since my first chaplaincy visit to the Care Home.  It was a very sunny day, and for two figs I'd have called off, because it was only a week since my Mum had died in another care home, and I was still sorting funeral arrangements.  Every time I go to the Care Home, I glance across at the bench where I sat, waiting for my taxi to take me home, and phoning venues for the funeral tea.

I'm glad I did as my Mum would have demanded of me that day, and pulled myself together and got on with it.  Over the year I have probably spoken with around forty folk, some once, some many times.  Sometimes it's hard going, sometimes it's good fun; always it's privileged.

Whilst it wouldn't be my natural vocation - I find endless small talk with strangers incredibly tiring - I seem to be OK at it, and it is certainly valued by the residents and some of the staff. I am grateful someone trusted me enough to give me this opportunity, and pray God can  bless others through it.

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