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Another fairly ruthless book cull taking place... something like 400 items so far and still some sifting/checking for duplicates to go before I can start reorganising my library.

The logic for keeping has been fairly clear (and owes little or nothing to Marie Kondo or other 'declutter your life' gurus)...

  • Is this a book I need to do my job to the best of my ability
  • Is this a book that is worth keeping because I'd happily lend to to others
  • Is this a book that has significant sentimental value
  • Is this a book I'd like to have by my bed in a care home, hospital or hospice (read nothing into that, it's simply the result of clearing my Mum's flat and then her room)

It's a tad embarrassing how many duplicates I have, to say nothing of the total disorder with books having been reshelved hurriedly when my office was relocated to home.  It will be nice to have space for new books - but I need to think seriously about a one-in one-out policy gong forward.


  • Very impressed with your efforts Catriona. We're a stone's throw from Moorlands Bible College - when we retire in 2 years, a high proportion of commentaries & theology books will end up there, in the hopes they will benefit the students. The Oxfam Bookshop in Salisbury has had quite a lot of stuff already. I'm selling off my academic books to Ziffit where I can, giving cookbooks to friends, and passing on good quality children's lit to the library. But the shelves are still full...Let us go on encouraging other to good works!

  • Thank you! Sounds like you have good strategies and determination!

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