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Ten years ago today ...

... I sat in my office in Dibley waiting for a phone call.

It was an anxious wait, nothing was certain.

And then it came... a 98% vote in favour of calling me to the Gathering Place.

Had there been space in my miniscule office, and had I been more agile, I'd have turned cartwheels.  As it was, I did a little jump on the spot (after I'd put the phone down) and probably made a celebratory cup of tea before having lunch.

A lot has happened since then. In some areas my thinking/understanding has changed.  In some ways I am far less less confident than I was then - in part because I am so much more conscious of my own mortality.  As expected, the good bits have been much better than I might have imagined, and the worst bits so much worse, that's just the nature of ministry.

A decade on, I love this place and these people very deeply.

A decade on, I remain convinced that this is where God wants me to be.

A decade on - how did that happen!

For what has been, thanks to God, and, tentatively yet faithfully, for what's to be, yes.

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