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Trawling the Archives...

A few months ago, I had an idea... I shared it with other women in Baptist ministry... then we shared with BUGB/BUS/BUW... and then it became a thing.

So this morning, I've spent around three hours trawling through blog posts searching for bits of liturgy, prayers, poems, short reflections, that might actually have a place in the anthology we are creating.

Almost fourteen years of blogging is one heck of a lot of posts(5047 apparently, I just checked), especially as I never did start categorising them.  So far I have concentrated on 2010-2012, though probably I do need to revisit the earlier stuff once I've finally reached the present (if that makes sense).  There are also a few bits and bobs that I can recall doing that are amidst the twenty years worth of services that inspired the original idea... If I have, and I do, around a thousand sets of prayers, blessings, etc. then in among the ought to be a few worth sharing.

It is a real delight to receive and read the work of other women, and a genuine privilege to be part of the team collating and editing this collection.

Now then... April 2012...

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