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Worth a Read/Listen

Yesterday, tipped off by a friend who had enjoyed reading it, I bought the audio-book of Revd Richard Coles' book, 'Fathomless Riches'.  Hearing him read his own story was great.  And because he's a mere nine months older than me, and grew up roughly twenty miles away from me (albeit a very different life from mine) it made for a fairly enjoyable nostalgia tour, as well as providing a very profound insight to his life up to the point of his ordination (a couple of years after my own).

If you can handle some swearing, a lot of reference to sex and drugs, and some brutally honest stuff about faith and doubt, it's worth a read.  Indeed, it is a story of grace, redemption and hope, which has much to say to those of us who never did sex, drugs or rock-and-roll, and who are the white, heterosexual goody-goodies that the church likes so much.  That said, both he and I have had, 'cue spooky music' moments, and experiences of the Holy Spirit descending as a pigeon.

Now, I'll return to Michele Obama reading her book 'Becoming' which is interesting and informative, but for me is not quite 'doing it' in the same way.  I guess I must be odd, most people rave about this book - whilst it's a good listen, it hasn't yet had an 'aha' moment for me.

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