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New Phone - Golly!

Today I finally ordered a new mobile phone to replace my much loved, but now increasingly wobbly, Windows Lumia smartphone.  After three years (all but) of loyal service, my phone is ready to retire, and, as there is no direct replacement, I've taken quite a lot of time to think through what might be a suitable choice.  It's not easy - so many competing factors to consider - which manufacturer, which platform and so on. So in the end, as the cost of an all-in contract with a refurbished phone was only pennies cheaper than a new one, I opted for the new one.  A 'last year's model' (or maybe the year before) but should have a good three years in it.

It's the first time in two decades I've entered a credit agreement, which feels a bit odd... mostly in a good way that I feel confident enough to enter it, and, after all, it is interest free.

I have transferred all the photos from my phone to my laptop, backed up all my contacts and done everything I can to ensure hassle free transfer.  So... all being well... on Monday I will have a shiny new phone all ready to go onwards.  Golly!

(For anyone interested it's an i-phone 7 plus)


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