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The Morning After...

Evening came, and morning came, and the sun rose again.

I can only assume that, on a UK-wide basis, there are marginally more people feeling pleased this morning than those who are not. 

I am among the devastated - what has happened to the 'home nation' that taught me values of compassion, justice, generosity, gratitude and so many more?

I am saddened at pockets of smugness that 'we beat them' (whoever 'they' are) when the detailed results show that the big gainers also lost seats, and there are many marginals.

My social media feeds are full of people weeping, people fearing they will lose their homes and will have to surrender their pets to shelters, people whose children are shaking in fear and who clutch their infants closer and wonder what world they have brought them into.

Suffice to say, my track record on voting for 'losers' continues, but I am content that my vote was a 'for others' vote and that far from wasted, it expressed a view.  I'll never tell you who I voted for - that's always between me, God, and the ballot box, but it wasn't for what I fear will be a dystopian disaster.

It would be easy to despair, easy to give up.  Instead I grasp the truth that the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot and will not overcome it.

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning, and the full moon hanging in the dawn sky is simply beautiful... there is always hope, however faint its glimmer. (Alas my phone photo is pretty poor!)

13 dec 1.jpg


  • Thank you for voicing my thoughts. I feel now we are even more divided but cling to the hope of the light in the darkness.

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