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Gaudete - and Nativity

Anvent 3 - Gaudete Sunday -  Joy - Sunday School Nativity... one of my favourite Sundays of the whole year.

The picture is my 'doodle prayer-reflection thing' from yesterday's GPRL focus on nativity and incarnation.

My Doodle was largely inspired by the objects I had taken along that 'is nativity for you'...


tea towel star.jpg

I was really struggling to think of an object, and in the end took three...

a checked teat-towel

a birthday candle

a star decoration I had made at an event for international students on Friday evening.


During the sharing time everyone laughed out loud and instantly 'got' the tea-towel, I had to explain the other two - the birthday candle (my sixth birthday was the first time I heard the story of the birth of Jesus via a school 'Christmas play'), and the decoration, which was all about people in our glorious diversity, which seems to me to be at the heart of the nativity.

Today I will enjoy every nano-second of the Sunday School service, and remember my six-year-old self wide-eyed and filled with wonder as I heard the greatest story ever told.

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