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Sabbatical 2020 - Part the First

My Sabbatical leave is being split into small, manageable chunks, and this is the start of the first 2 week chunk.

I had a plan, which was to walk the Whithorn Way Pilgrimage Walk, a twelve to fourteen day endeavour. Then stuff happened.

So now I will still endeavour to walk most of it, woven around and through other things that have cropped up.

Today is, ostensibly, a Day Off, but a few residual and important bits of Admin had to be attended to, so they have been completed and then, once I've posted this, the PC will switched off for a fortnight.

Tomorrow is a curious, yet helpful, transition kind of a day, when I will see my Spiritual Acconmpanier in the morning, attend a meeting relating to the part churches can play in the CoP26 (climate emergency) conference taking place in Glasgow in November, and then spend the evening at the other part of my Sabbatical, the GPRL class.

Wednesday, DV, the walking begins, a relatively easy stretch from Glasgow to Paisley, and much of it familiar.  The next couple of weeks will involve lots of trains, packed lunches and waterproof clothing.  It will also involve lots of thinking, praying and reflecting.

I am not sure what, if anything I will post here during that fortnight, maybe photos, maybe short reflections, maybe nothing at all.  But I will be back, hopefully refreshed and re-energised for the Lenten season which will begin soon.

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