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The word that strikes me at the moment is 'well-being' which include physical health, but is so much more.  Indeed, it is possible to have 'well-being' and be physically unwell, or to be physically well and not have it.

At the moment we are working out the best way forward for our church community - a good, caring and sensible group of saints-in-the-making - during a time of uncertainty.

It's likely that we will have to move worship 'on line' for an indeterminate period.  It's also the case that we will be looking out for each other as best we can - perhaps with virtual small groups, perhaps with small real world meets, perhaps with walks, perhaps with practical help such as shopping.  In all of this, we are trying to look out for each other and to keep well, whatever that means.

We will follow closely the advice of the Scottish Government, we will listen to the Baptist Union(s), Health Care Professionals and other wise people.  We will manage risk as best we can, and we will try to care for each other's well-being - which might sometimes look unusual.

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