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This morning I went to the supermarket, the first time I had been to a shop for a week.  There is absolutely nothing unusual about that. But it was the first time since lock down.

It was a really positive experience.  The queue of people waiting to go in was short and well spaced.  The staff member on the door was friendly, polite and authoritative.  Most, though not all, people in the queue exchanged smiles and greetings, and I had a lovely distanced chat with with the woman two metres (and two minutes) ahead of me.

Once inside it was an intorvert's dream!  Most shelves were well stocked, with plenty of basics, so I was in and out within ten minutes having bought all I need for another full week, plus a couple of treats.  OK, I forgot to buy cheese, but I can live without that!

Like many others, my skin is paying the price for increased hand hygiene, and I wanted some lotion for that.  Not a huge choice - well not a choice actually, just good old E45.

That was a throw-back of almost a decade, as it was the one lotion I was allowed to use during my chemo.  It's good stuff but it doesn't smell all that nice.  Back then my sense of smell was practically non existent, and has never entirely recovered, but today I am really grateful for the smell of E45, for the awesome staff at Sainsbury's in Partick and for the fact that I was able to go there to shop.

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