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Looking Around

When I was a child, my Dad always told us to look up and look around - it was good advice, there is always so much to see and enjoy if we do.

This morning I ventured a little further than usual on my 'permitted exercise', at least if measured in a straight line, the overall circuit was about the same.

I took lots of photos, including this one at the Botany Building at the University of Glasgow.  What drew my eye, as it has many times over the years, was the elegant carving above the lintel... The tree, the fish and bell from the city emblem (where the bird might be, I have idea). A rather elegant royal crown.  And the university motto, 'way, truth, life' drawn from the gospel of John.

I guess I could try to link the symbols with the words - but that would need some curious contortions... fish for truth? bell for life? tree for way/road? Perhaps not!

Each day as I head out for my walk I try to identify a theme to enjoy as I do so - today it was mostly chimney pots, but around the uiniversity there are many intriguing sights to see, so I got a little bit side-tracked.  And that's OK too.

Tomorrow it's back to my early premises check - the weeks are fairly flying past, at least in my corner of the world.


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