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Much Food for Thought

Apologies to loyal readers that posting is increasingly infrequent, and then tends to be splurges of several posts all at once!  A typical week now seems to involve at least ten to a dozen online meetings (all which are really good) and so time for blogging gets squeezed almost to zero.

Yesterday was an all day online conference 'in' Oxford and an evening lecture 'in' Manchester.  Both involved people I repsect - and indeed some whom I count as friends - leading sharing theological thoughts with audiences in excess of 70 devices from around the globe.  That's food for thought in and of itself.

"Communion, Covenant and Creativity" was an exploration of ideas around the Communion of saints from a Baptist perspective, drawing on insights from the arts - paintings, music and poetry.  There was a bit of philosophy and of course theology.  It was wonderful, rich and varied (even if the Zoom doorbell hadn't been turned off by the host!), gave me much to ponder and some ideas for Remembrance Sunday too! You can buy the book on which it was based here (other booksellers are available). 

"Finding a Friend: the Baptist Encounter with Judaism"  was, for me, an excellent reminder of history I knew, and stories that were new.  The accompanying Q&A was thoughtful and helpful. Again the full lecture can be purchased here (gone are the days when the Whitley lecturer had to cart hundreds of copies around with them to sell to students and others as they visited assorted Baptist Colleges).

Not quite a day 'off' but a day of stimulating inputs to feed my mind and maybe also my soul.  Both will be available a recordings and I am fairly sure a quick broswer search would take you to them, once they are uploaded.

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