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17th Anniversary of Ordination

It's funny (or maybe it isn't) how, as the years go past, dates that were hugely significant fade from memory, to be replaced by others.  Had social media not reminded me this morning that it's 17 years since I made my ordination vows, I would not have remembered.

Ministry is definitely something you should only enter if you are 100% convinced it's God's call because otherwise you wouldn't survive, let along thrive.

All these years down the line, it is still the case the the best moments are so much better than I could ever dare dream, and the worst moments so much more awful than my worst nightmares.  Fortunately, there are far more ups than downs, highs than lows, but it still a very weird role!

Today, I slid my 'ordination ring' onto my hand knowing that I will 'pay for it later' once my finger swells and the lymph struggles to get out again - but just for one day a year, that's OK.

Thank you to the congregations in Dibley and at the Gathering Place who took the risk of calling me and allowing me to serve you.


  • What a lovely idea to have an ordination ring. As someone who has now been ordained for 22 years, I echo what you say about best and worst moments.

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