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Beauty and Blessings

This past week has been quite 'full on', largely because I said 'yes' to a number of things that all landed rather close together.

It has been a good week, characterised by beauty and blessedness, even in the midst of the mundane.

I had two church out-of-doors meets with people I last saw in the flesh in March 2020! The picnic lunch in a garden, and the Danish pastry outside a cafe were lovely - but more so that conversations that flowed quite naturally and soon moved beyond the superficial.

Several months ago, I was asked to lead a CMD session on sustaining spirituality in ministry, and after a late night finish on Wednesday, I delivered it on Thursday.  It seemed to scratch where people were itching and I received lots of encouraging feedback.

Friday was mostly devoted to the 'big' assignment for the first module of my Pastoral Supervision course.  This was the sixth and seventh 'reflective learning notes' along with some practice logs and reports received from others.  It was good - if demanding, and leading to another late finish. Hard to believe I am so far through the course already.

Much of Saturday and a chunk of Sunday were devoted to reading, and collating information from, a whole mound of virtual paperwork relating to people seeking to train as ministers, and whose interview panel I now chair (for one of the English Baptist Colleges).  It is demanding, and responsible, stuff.  It is also interesting and inspiring to 'meet' in some measure women and men exploring their callings.

Sunday morning was a shared Zurch, which went well, with feedback from people saying they'd love to do it again... if the pandemic has done nothing else, it has allowed us to discover new (and probably greener) ways of connecting different congregations.

In between have been lots of little moments of joy, and more than a few surprises... roses from a garden, a beautiful bouquet, the gift of a nice-to-hold ballpoint pen, online chats, 'Magic Bags' to share with others, and the discovery that if you gently defrost and warm up a frozen jam doughnut in the microwave, then pour over some single cream it tastes divine!! 

A good week, and a blessed week.

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