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Stirring my stumps!

I would be quite surprised if anyone still reads this blog - it is now two months since my last post, and people have far better things to do that check back at inactive websites.

But it's Advent, the time of physical and spiritual preparation for Christmas, so I will get my act together and post some things here, rather than elsewhere.

The old Anglican collect prayer for the Sunday before Advent says "Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of they faithful people".

My parents (and especially my Mum) would sometimes tell us to 'stir your stumps', meaning 'get moving'.

So I am stirring my stumps, this Advent, so share some of the reading and reflecting that I will be undertaking.  The photo hints at some of what I'll be using/doing - more to follow in the days ahead!

Thank you for dropping by - may you find your own Advent blessings along the way.

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