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  • Wrestling and Resting

    I was looking through books for prayers and poems for this coming Sunday, when I came across this, which doesn't fit the service, but is worth a share...

    Hold onto your faith

    Kindle it with your questions

    Test it with your doubts

    And you will have two faiths

    A resting faith

    A wrestling faith

    Remember that they can live together

    They are not mutually exclusive


    From Wrestling and Resting CTBI 1999, page 227

  • Time to shut up shop?

    To my shame, it is now three months since I last posted on this blog.  Life has been hugely busy.  I have been keeping up to date with the church social media presence, and, with others, working hard to ensure that hybrid church goes as well as it can.  There have been times when I meant to post here, only to realise that another week had drifted past.  It has even taken me about three weeks to find a moment (or make a moment?) for this post.

    My current subscription runs to the end of 2022, so I'll make a final decision then, but it does feel that this blog has almost certainly run its course, and that it is, or very soon will be, time to shut up shop.

    I doubt very much anyone still drops by here, but it you do, thank you for your loyalty and interest.  It's been fun, and I've 'met' some wonderful people along the way, but the not-quite-post pandemic world is very different from the  one in which this blog began, and different media are now needed.  Roughly as the oft quoted saying goes, for all that has been 'thanks' for what is still to be 'yes.'