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  • Celebrating Life

    .CW... cancer/death as well as life/joy



    Today I assembled an afternoon tea as a treat for myself... because it is twelve years today since my cancer diagnosis, and that seems worth marking.

    Curiously, one of the sandwiches I bought was egg and cress... the same flavour as I bought for lunch on 23rd August 2010, except that one was from Tescos and this one from Sainsbury's!!

    I enjoyed my treat, but I also found myself recalling the feelings and words of that, now long ago, day.

    This evening, scrolling through a social media feed, I saw the sad news that someone I 'met' online all those years ago died today of secondary breast cancer.  That's the ugly, unpallatable, inconvenient, truth... around a third of the women I've come to know along the way have died of their cancer.

    Which means it is all the more important to celebrate life - afternoon tea for one is just a small part of doing just that.

    If you are kind enough to read this stuff, pleaase look after yourself.  Take any screening offered; check  your cheackable bits; and see your doctor about anything that doesn't seem right.  It could save your life.