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  • Introductory Book on Reading the Bible Intelligently

    I am currently reading this little, entry level, book on reading the Bible intelligently written by the Australian Biblical scholar Robyn J Whitaker.  It's a nice accessible read, aimed espeically at those who come from a conservative theological background - which is the author's own story.  She holds together keen critical insights with a profound love of scripture.  Definitely one to consider sharing with teenagers or with adults who have never come across the concepts she shares which range from authority and (in)errancy to genre, the canon, and interpretation.  It's mostly stuff I've known since my teens (the back of the original Good News Bible was remarkable helpful in this regard!) and is great as a primer for those considering serious Bible study, preaching or ordination training.

  • To everything there is a season...

    ... and a time to every purpose under heaven.

    This post is decidedly late in the day, as the news it contains has been public domain for some time now... I have been, and continue to be, super busy.

    Anyway, as per the picture above, I have been appointed as the Tutor for Ministerial Formation at Northern Baptist College, in Manchester, a half-time role that I will begin in September.  I am currently in conversations about another half-time role to sit alongside it, and hope to have some news in the not too distant future.  At the moment I have no idea where my cats and I will be living in September, but I do have a sense of peace that God will sort it out - probably at the last minute.

    In the meantime, I am kept busy at the Gathering Place as we prepare to go our separate ways after as near as makes no odds 14 years together (my call was June 2009, I arrived in October 2009).

    I am cautiously hopeful that this blog might find new energy as a personal space for reflection once I am not looking after church social media (though I may yet have that to do in other contexts).

    Life in Scotland has been good to me, and I will carry many precious memories back to England when the time comes.