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Pretend Saturday

Today is my pretend Saturday... which has been mostly 'life admin' so far (though I really ought to do something really dull like housework!)

I wandered up to my new GP practice - part of a mahoosive primary care centre which houses two GP practices, a pharmacy (where my prescriptions will be sent) and a whole load of other services.  I have no idea (nor did the very lovely receptionist) when my records from NHS Scotland might find their way here... and having looked at a system access request and all that's involved, I probably won't try to get my own copy.

Much easier was registering the cats with a new vet - one phone call and their records are being sent to the new practice.  Simples!

I also updated my home insurance... apparently it costs more to insure my stuff inside a 1930s house in a small town than it did in a 2000s flat in a big city.  Most odd!  Still, it's only an extra £15 a year!

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