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  • Seven Years On...

    This photo popped up on social media today - exactly seven years since the very last services at The Gathering Place.

    Seven years in a dedicated/designated building

    Seven years tabernacling in a hotel (with a couple of years on Zoom along the way)

    Almost Biblical in its rhythms

    Thank you, Gatherers, for letting me travel with you, and may your next seven years be full of blessings.

  • Smile - Jesus is watching!

    This arrived from Glasgow in the week... isn't it fun!  I think I might take it into college to brighten up my office.

  • A Collage of Many Colours!

    I think I might need a bigger 'Vision Wall'!
    Hands of welcome and hospitality from the induction service last month, now combined into a rainbow hued spectrum of joyful celebration and hopeful anticipation...

  • A Vision Wall...

    Since my arrival here in the Railway Town, I have undertaken a simple community audit, and we have begun to an interactive and multi-dimensional season of discerning together.  This morning I commandeered a blank wall in the 'Friendship Room' to display the various things we are creating... the map showing where we all live, the timeline showing the key moments in the story of the church, the 'cloud of witnesses' which we made in the Church Anniversary service, and (once I've sorted it out) a collage with the 'hands' we drew at the Induction Service.  I said to the Church Secretary, 'I've got to age now where I'd rather seek forgiveness than ask permission.'  She laughed.

    I need more blu-tak but it was a good start on what I hope will be a 'living word' exploration of the vision of/by/for this congregation.  In any case, I am now somewhere between 8% and 12% through my 'contract' so we need to be getting going!    

  • Hopes and Dreams and Visions

    This morning we launched the first stage of our gentle 'discernment' process with a 'Hopes, Dreams, Visions and Ideas' suggestion box - over the next two months anyone invited to write down and post into the box and ideas, dreams, hopes, visions, however weird and wonderful, and we'll then work with them, together, to discern what God might be saying to us.

    I wonder what people will write down? I wonder where we might find ourselves in three month time when we meet together again?  I wonder - hopefully - what dreams and visions might emerge.